Justified Newspaper is often contacted in reference to withholding the names and/or images of individuals that have been arrested from publication.

Justified Newspaper has established a non-preferential policy of publishing images and information of all persons arrested as provided by each agency or booking facility during the reporting period prior to each edition.

There are no fees or payments accepted for exclusion from publication.

Justified Newspaper does not provide any services (direct or otherwise) to remove or withhold an arrested person’s name and/or photograph from publication.

This information is obtained each week by Justified Newspaper within the provisions of Louisiana’s ‘Open Records’ law, namely through Article 228 of the Louisiana Code of Criminal Procedure.

Please take the opportunity to review this content as it relates to access to public records for booking information of anyone arrested within the state.

 Any request to withhold arrest information or picture from the publication will be denied, without explanation.