Self-Defense Course For Women

Click for more information about the OPSO women's self-defense course.

Click for more information about the OPSO women’s self-defense course.

Ouachita Parish Sheriff Office is hosting a four session self-defense course beginning April 7, 2015. 

The class will be every Tuesday night in April from 6-10pm at the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office Range located at in West Monroe, LA.

The course will consist of situational awareness, grab defense, ground defense, head lock defense, and surviving multiple attackers.This course will require a level of physical fitness in order to complete the exercises.

Contact Sgt. Chris Jerkins at 318-410-2422 with any questions.

The class is limited to 30 attendees. You must be at least 18  to attend.

OPSO Women’s Self-Defense Course Application

Applications may be printed and returned to the Sheriff’s administrative office located at 400 Saint John Street Monroe, LA. A waiver of liability will be signed on the first night of class.

State Police Investigation at Jackson Parish Hospital Leads to Arrests

Louisiana State Police drug investigation yields four arrests in Jackson Parish.

Louisiana State Police drug investigation yields four arrests in Jackson Parish.

Four people are under arrest today after a State Police investigation into criminal activity at the Jackson Parish Hospital.

Late last year, investigators assigned to the Louisiana State Police Bureau of Investigations received information from the Jackson Parish Sheriff’s Office regarding possible criminal activity taking place at the Jackson Parish Hospital.

An investigation was initiated and a search warrant was served at the hospital. The investigation revealed evidence of payroll fraud, theft, illegal distribution of drugs and criminal conspiracy.

As a result of the investigation and review of the evidence, the following people were arrested for the charges listed below and booked into the Jackson Parish Correctional Center:

  • · Vickie Booker, age 51, Jonesboro, LA
    • Felony Theft (3 counts)
  • Aaron W. Nash, age 64, Chatham, LA
    • Distribution of a legend drug (24 counts)
  • Elizabeth S. Cheatwood, age 48, Jonesboro, LA
    • Felony theft (5 counts)
    • Forgery (4 counts)
    • Distribution of a legend drug (16 counts)
    • Criminal conspiracy (1 count)
    • Attempt and conspiracy (16 counts)
    • Obstruction of justice (1 count)
  • Cody L. Cheatwood, age 51, Jonesboro, LA
    • Possession of a legend drug (16 counts)
    • Criminal conspiracy (1 count)
    • Malfeasance in office (1 count)
    • Attempt and conspiracy (16 counts)
    • Obstruction of justice (1 count)

Under Louisiana state law, “legend drug” means any drug or drug product bearing on the label of the manufacturer or distributor, as required by the Federal Food and Drug Administration, the statement “Caution: Federal law prohibits dispensing without prescription.”

Troopers work to protect the citizens of our state from the illicit manufacturing, distribution, selling, and use of drugs by enforcing federal and state laws governing such activities.

The general public may report narcotic and/or drug violations by calling the nearest State Police Narcotics office. For local office phone numbers please visit

Inmate Arrested For Forcible Rape In Rapides Parish Detention Center

Davis was arrested for 3 counts of Forcible Rape in Rapides Parish on March 13, 2015.

Davis was arrested for 3 counts of Forcible Rape in Rapides Parish on March 13, 2015.

On March 11th, 2015, the Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Office began an investigation into an allegations of criminal sexual conduct between inmates at the Rapides Parish Detention Center.

According to the initial complaint, the victim had been sexually assaulted by another inmate in late January of 2015. While conducting the investigation into the incident, Detectives were able to develop Lavelle Dewyne Davis, 40, as a suspect.

Through their investigation, detectives were able to develop enough probable cause to charge Davis with three counts of Forcible Rape.

On March 13th, Davis was arrested and re-booked on the charges and remains in the Rapides Parish Detention Center.

Ouachita Parish Sheriff Warns of Computer Software Scam

Ouachita Parish Sheriff's office is advising of a computer scam that was recently reported.

Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s office is advising of a computer scam that was recently reported.

A local business in Ouachita Parish was recently the victim of a computer ransom-ware scam. The scam is a variation of the Crypto Wall scam, where the suspect infects the victim’s computer with a virus. The virus then encrypts all of the victim’s files and forces the victim to pay money to get the encryption keys in order to decrypt the files again.

The scam also directs the victim to make payment in the form of untraceable money such as prepaid credit cards, money orders, or bit coins. The scam is a real threat because the virus uses very strong encryption algorithm that cannot be cracked.

If you are a victim of this scam, it is recommended that you do not pay the ransom money as this only perpetuates the problem, and there is no guarantee that the suspect will provide the encryption keys to unlock the files.

Ouachita Parish Sheriff Jay Russell is advising the public and area businesses of this scam and offers several tips on ways you can prevent from becoming a victim.

  1. Do not open any emails or their attachments from anyone that you do not know.
  2. Make routine backups of your important data to another computer, external hard drive, or cloud based service.
  3. Keep your operating system and its programs up to date with all of the security patches.
  4. Install and routinely update your anti-virus software with the latest virus and malicious software definitions and enable live monitoring of your system.
  5. Set up automated daily scans of your system for threats.

Slain US Marshal Josie Wells Returns Home

This is footage of the procession of slain Deputy U.S. Marshal Josie Wells returning to his home state of Mississippi.


Cover For March 12th

March 12, 2015 Issue On Sale Thursday

March 12, 2015 Issue On Sale Thursday

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Wanted By WMPD-Dequincey Raishawn Washington

wmOn 2/20/2015, the West Monroe Police Department received a theft complaint.

According to the victim she was contacted via telephone by acquaintance “Mike” who advised he had a buyer for two of her pit bull puppies ($350 each).

“Mike” picked her up at her residence and drove her and the two puppies to a local restaurant. Mike informed the victim that the buyer would be inside the business with money in hand. When the victim entered the meeting place, “Mike” fled the scene with the puppies in a black four door sedan.

The victim attempted to call “Mike” following the theft, but was threatened with bodily harm if she did not sever contact with him.

It was later discovered through a confidential witness that “Mike” had prearranged to sell the puppies to an unknown black male in the Tanglewood area. That individual is rumored to train and fight pit bull breed dogs for profit.

Following the police report, “Mike” used the same phone as previously mentioned to violently threaten the victim. “Mike” later identified as Dequincey R. Washington stated he would “shoot the victim with hollow points”, if she continued to speak with the police. 

Please contact the West Monroe Criminal Investigative Division  at 318-397-6746, if you have any information regarding the whereabouts of this subject.


Fill The Overpass 2015

The 2015 "Run For The Wall" comes to Monroe on May 17th this year.

The 2015 “Run For The Wall” comes to Monroe on May 17th this year.

The 27th Annual “Run For The Wall” event comes through Monroe on May 17th this year.

The public is invited to stand on the Interstate 20 overpasses at 5pm at the Downing Pines Road and Nutland Road to greet the motorcycle riders as they come to Monroe.

This event honors US Military Veterans for their service, including Prisoners of War and Missing In Action members.

For more information, visit

High Grade Marijuana Recovered in Search Warrant

Giamanco weed main

Marijuana, scales, and firearm seized in drug investigation in Alexandria, LA.

New Picture

Miguel Glorioso, Stephanie Glorioso, and Tyree Marcotte were placed under arrest after a drug investigation in Alexandria, LA.

On March 2nd2015, the Sheriff’s Office Metro Division served a search warrant at 3417 Giamanco Street in Alexandria. Agents had received several complaints of suspected narcotics activity and opened an investigation.

Surveillance was conducted on the residence as well as vehicles normally seen at the residence. Agents witnessed suspected narcotics transactions and obtained a search warrant for the home.

Agents found multiple people inside the home, including several juveniles who were found smoking suspected marijuana. After the adults were secured and residence deemed safe, parents were notified and took custody of the juveniles via citations.

Agents searched the residence and found marijuana hidden in air vents and recesses inside the walls. Approximately 6 pounds of extremely high grade marijuana, commonly referred to as “Cush”, “Blue”, “Dream” and many other names, was seized. This type marijuana commonly sells for $3,400 a pound.

The adults, Stephanie Glorioso, Miguel Glorioso and Tyree Marcotte were transported and booked into the Rapides Parish Detention Center on various charges. Stephanie Glorioso was later released on a $20,250 bond. Miguel Glorioso and Tyree Marcotte were released on a $5,250.00 bond each.



Arrests Made Linked to Numerous Credit Card Fraud Incidents in the South Central Region

On March 3, 2015, at 8:15 p.m., the Pineville Police Department received a report of suspicious and possible criminal activity that was occurring at the Lowes store, 3200 Monroe Hwy, in Pineville.

Patrol Officers responded and when they arrived they were informed that two men were attempting to purchase materials under suspicious circumstances.

The store manager explained that these two individuals had attempted to purchase the same type of materials from the Lowes store in Alexandria and had completed transactions in Ruston and possibly in Monroe.

The means by which these individuals were attempting to purchase the material was the subject of suspicion. Apparently, these individuals were attempting to pick up a “call-in” order from the Alexandria, La. Lowes that was placed earlier in the day by an unknown person. The person who called in the order only provided information on the materials needed and a credit card as means of payment.

Employees of the Alexandria store were suspicious and required these individuals to provide identification so that the order could be completed, however, their information did not match the credit card information and they refused to release the materials to these individuals.

The manager explained that after failing to obtain any materials from the Alexandria Lowes they proceeded to the Pineville Lowes and attempted to pick up another “call-in” order under similar circumstances as in Alexandria.

After speaking with the store management the Patrol Officers made contact with the individuals, later Identified as Terry Glen Moore of Dallas, TX and Joe Hawkins of Dallas, TX.  

Patrol Officers furthered their investigation and discovered that the vehicle these two individuals were traveling in was reported stolen from Lancaster, Texas. The individuals were then placed under arrest for being in possession of the stolen vehicle.

As this investigation has progressed it has become apparent that these incidents are linked to numerous other credit card fraud incidents of this type in the south central region of the United States.

Criminal Investigators for the Pineville Police Department have recovered several documents that indicate purchases or attempts to purchase the exact same materials from different home/construction hardware stores in Mississippi, Arkansas and Louisiana.